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  • When I was younger, I was a member of the quickie wash while I was in the shower. Warm water, whatever cleanser I was using at the time and a circular motion for a few seconds was how I used to wash my makeup covered face. And I stepped out of the shower thinking I was squeaky clean. I was wrong. View Post
  • PSL flavored everything hitting the Starbucks menu heralds the beginning of my favorite season. Time to swap sundresses and flip flops for cardigans and booties. It also means it’s time to swap your lightweight summer skincare staples for option with a little more body. View Post
  • It was too late to worry about protecting my skin from the sun, but I could do something about treating my skin the after the sun exposure. Post-sun treatment is necessary in trying to prevent today’s exposure from turning into tomorrow’s visible skin damage.  View Post