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  • Let's Talk About...Oily Skin

    Oily skin will actually age better than dry skin. But what about really oily skin? I'm talking about the kind that requires a good wipe down by early afternoon every day; the kind that always glistens and shines in pictures no matter what you do to it.  What’s up with skin like this? It turns out that overly oily skin is a lot easier to fix than you think. Balance is the key most things in life.  View Post
  • Most people yearn for summer. Summer means school's out. The days are warm. Vacations and road trips are endless. The beach is calling. I love tilting my face upward and feeling the warmth of the sun. It's the best feeling ever for me. But summer is not everyone's favorite season. Some don't like the heat. Others do not like the havoc summer creates when it comes to taking care of their skin. I've said it before and I will say it again. Changing weather means that our skin needs change too.  View Post
  • There are many people out there who have great intentions with their skincare routines but may not realize that they are using the wrong products or techniques for their skin type. Sometimes, these products or habits may be causing more harm than good. There are a lot of misconceptions about how to deal with various skin types, and it’s likely you have a lot of questions. View Post