Q: Are you products tested on animals?

A: None of our raw materials or final products are tested on animals.


Q: Do you offer free samples?

A: There might be a sample or 2 in your package when you buy from us. Also come find us at events around town to try some of our stuff.


Q: What makes CarmaBella Skincare natural?

A: All ingredients used in CarmaBella products are naturally and sustainably sourced. Some ingredients are even organic. And we even go the extra mile when sourcing our packaging. 

When choosing our packaging, we want to ensure there are no harmful chemicals that could potentially leach into the product formulas. For example, we prohibit polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and bisphenol A (BPA) and opt for glass, safer plastic materials, and sustainable paper. The majority of our product packaging, including cartons and shipping materials, is recyclable in most communities in North America.



Q: I'm excited to try my new products. How long before my package ships?

A: We are excited for you to try your new products too. While we wish we could get them to you within hours of you placing your order, that isn't physically possible at this time. We try to process all orders within 24 hours, but during busy times and sales please allow 3-4 days for processing your order before it ships.