CarmaBella Skincare | Bruise & Scar Cream

The CarmaBella Skincare Bruise & Scar Cream is a true miracle worker. It will heal your scars quickly and with the use of natural ingredients.

One of the star ingredients of this this product is gotu kola, which has been important in the medicinal systems of central Asia for centuries. Studies have shown that applying an ointment containing gotu kola may speed healing of skin wounds. Another study also found gotu kola extract to be helpful in preventing and treating enlarged scars or keloids.

The other shining star in this cream is arnica montana. This plant derivative can erase bruising, reduce swelling, and cut the healing time of wounds. Arnica promotes discoloration of bruises and helps reduce any boggy discolored scar appearance. 

Still not a believer? Check out the pictures below from a customer that recently had surgery. The first picture is 1 week post op. The other pictures show the progress of her healing after using our Bruise & Scar Cream for 1 month.  

CarmaBella Skinacare | Scar post op and 1 month after using cream

Now do you see the power of this cream? What are you waiting for? Order some while its on sale