We have been tuning in to "verzuz" battles throughout our quarantine. Some were epic and others were epic failures. So I wanted to make my epic contribution to the verzuz world by having a skincare battle. 

Just like we’re taught to care about the amount of vitamins our bodies get each day, we should also take ensure that our skin receives its fair share as well. Vitamin C and retinol—also known as Vitamin A—are two vitamins that are essential for proper healing and maintenance of the skin. And while things like diet and taking supplements are a great way to deliver vitamins to the rest of your body, when it comes to the skin, it’s often best to get your daily vitamins topically.

My vision for CarmBella Skincare is to use only the best naturally sourced and organic ingredients and that commitment to quality and purity includes the vitamin C and vitamin A in our products. In the world of high caliber skincare, there are two skincare ingredients at the pinnacle of the anti-aging pyramid, and I love them both. Vitamin C and retinol, two anti-aging skincare powerhouses that deliver powerful skin healing and verifiable results in real time. It's like Babyface versus Keith Sweat--you can like songs from both but you clearly have a favorite. But why? Must there be Camp Vitamin C and Camp Retinol, or can the two ingredients reign side by side, all the while smoothing out our fine lines and wrinkles with effortless, perfect grace? 

The answer is yes, they can reign the world of skin care together, as long as they are in the right form. This is especially important when it comes to retinol, or vitamin A. For many people, though they love using retinol, their experience is tainted by the irritation their skin inevitably experiences upon regular use. Though the use of retinol is great for fine lines, skin sagging and darkly colored hyperpigmentation, it can also cause major drying and irritation of the skin. This makes it a difficult ingredient to fully get behind because, for some, the cons outweigh the pros.

Thankfully, there is a solution! A wonderful, effective, gentle botanical solution to the retinol dilemma: crithmum maritum extract. This tenacious little plant grows by the sea and is rich in botanical vitamin A, which offers all the same benefits of regular vitamin A without the irritation and dryness. It’s our perfect answer to an industry wide problem, and it makes the retinol vs vitamin C debate useless. Now there’s no reason to hate on vitamin A, because when it’s botanically derived from crithmum maritum, it does everything right.

The same goes for vitamin C—when it’s in the right form, it becomes an easily absorbed, highly effective anti-aging ingredient healing and protecting you from all things related to premature aging and elemental-induced (think too much sun) damage. 

Like vitamin C, when it comes to the skin, vitamin A is best used topically. And also like vitamin C, retinol is fantastic for helping the skin stay smooth and firm and bright. Skincare lovers use it for everything from pigmentation to sagging skin, and it comes in a wide variety of products. However, our favorite product type for the delivery of both vitamins A and C definitely has to be a serum. This is due to the smaller product molecules found in serums in comparison to other products and helps these important ingredients better penetrate into the skin and do their good work. 

Who is the winner of this Verzuz battle? Vitamin C or Vitamin A?


There’s no reason you can’t combine both of these vitamins to receive the maximum amount of skincare support! 

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