Let's Talk About a Fresh Start

Heeeeyyyyy 2019! Gurl, I can't believe we are already two months in. Can you believe it? It's almost Valentine's Day. I haven't even started making plans for that yet. I am still working on my fresh start in the year 2019. I have been using this time, like most people, to revamp some things in my life. Some of you might be changing eating habits to be healthier, working out, refreshing your life by becoming more organized or, even seeking a new career path. 

This year part of my fresh start was to implement a clean eating/Keto lifestyle in my household. I am doing this for a number of reasons, but one of those reasons is also high on my 2019 refresh list. I am seeking to get the best skin of my life. Clean eating and drinking more water are essential in achieving that goal. Next I had to examine my skincare regimen. 

For the past 6-7 weeks, I have been using the Turmeric and Shea Cleansing Soap Bar. It has been great at evening my skin tone and reducing the redness I have across my cheeks. I follow that up with the Illuminate Facial Oil to boost the moisture in skin. Both products contain essential oils that are a concentrated array of bioactive compounds that work to tone, hydrate, repair and protect the skin.

My youthful glow is starting to appear again. It's nice to see the glow of my skin during the cold, dull winter. 

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