Let's Talk About Skin Type

You probably think you have a skin type. Oily, dry, combination, aging...the list goes on. And while there is definite value in viewing your skin through a lens that involves skin type, the buck doesn’t stop there. At some point, skin type doesn’t matter anymore. I know, that sounds questionable. But it’s true- skin type just isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. There’s more to the picture--much more.

To start, many people experience a change in their skin type as they get older. Sometimes oily skin becomes oilier, dry skin becomes much drier, and sometimes clear skin starts to break out. Changes in your skin as you age are normal, and the closer attention you pay to your skin the easier it will be to adjust your regimen. But aside from the natural changes of your skin as you age, what do you need to know about skin type and all the surrounding hype?

You need to know that most likely, what your skin needs is balance. Super dry, very oily and acne prone skin types, not to mention the popular “combination” skin type, are all manifestations of skin that is craving balance. Your skin will always have its individual needs, but there is a difference between the individuality of your skin and characteristics that have been exacerbated by poor care. No matter what skin type you think you have, one of the most useful tips for balancing it and  keeping it balanced is to use adaptogens.

These are skincare ingredients that help your skin to adapt to stress and function optimally- all necessary for balance. Adaptogenic skincare ingredients include Jojoba oil, Reishi mushroom and Gotu Kola extracts. You can find them in a number of facial oils, serums, lotions, masks and scrubs. 

Whatever your skin type, focus less on trying to appease your skin and more on trying to bring it into balance. You might always be a little on the dry side, or need to exfoliate a little more than others, but the point is that your skin will be happy, nourished and taken care of. And with a continued effort and use of balancing naturall skincare ingredients, you might find that your skin type really does change, after all. Treat yourself to natural skincare. Treat yourself to better skincare. Treat yourself to healthy skin. 

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