Fall is finally here in the South. We no longer have to deal with 90 degree days and can finally pull out those cute fall sweaters and boots. It is my favorite time of the year, so I am happy to say “Girl, bye!” to summer. Even though it is my favorite time of year, skin problems tend to show up in abundance in the fall. I have previously talked about what any change in temperature and weather can do to your skin. So I hope you are prepared and have switched up your skin care routine to deal with the change.

There are 5 main problems that usually appear during this time of year.

  1. Dry skin. Colder temperatures often lead to dryer skin, especially if we turn on the heater in our office or home and dry out the air in these places.  Luckily, dry skin can usually be remedied quite easily. I find that a moisturizing body wash or bar soap and a great moisturizer are paramount to combatting dry skin. I also add another step to this nightly ritual during this time of year. Before grabbing my towel, I put coconut oil all over my body and the pat myself dry. I follow that up with my favorite lotion or body butter. Trust me, your skin will look and feel fabulous. You can thank me later.  CarmaBella Skincare has a bath and body line that features both a lotion and body butter that feel amazing on your skin and smell great too. The collection also has a natural body wash that compliments the fragrance of the lotion. 
  2. Chapped Lips. So, just about every part of your body will become drier this season, including your lips. Licking your lips may provide quick relief to chapped lips (We’ve all done it! LOL), but that feeling is short-lived and can make them more sensitive. And no one wants to walk around with painful, cracked, white lips. The best solution to keep your lips soft and hydrated is to apply and reapply lip balm as often as needed. I keep lip balm everywhere. I have one in my purse, my car, on my desk and nightstand and even on the side table by the sofa. It is always within arm’s reach. Also drinking lots of water and herbal tea provides your body with hydration from within. This helps fight the discomfort of chapped lips.
  3. Dandruff. Dandruff can appear on the scalp, in your eyebrows and even on your face.  While specialized shampoos can help with dandruff, I implement stress management and make sure I am still eating healthy. I also switch to a tea tree shampoo and infuse it with rosemary and lavender.
  4. Rosacea.Rosacea can flare when an individual moves back and forth between cooler outdoor temperatures and warmer indoor temperatures.  Sunscreen can help to control rosacea, and some skincare experts even recommend using skincare products that contain coffee or cherry extracts.
  5. Keratosis pilaris. While keratosis pilaris is not usually itchy or uncomfortable and is harmless, it can show up as patches of raised skin on your arms. It might make you insecure or self-conscious when you take off your jacket or sweater. I deal with this issue from time to time on my upper arms.  It usually appears more frequently when you wear more clothing, like in the fall and winter.  Regular exfoliation and wearing loose, breathable clothing can help. There have also been a number of lotions that have popped up on the market to deal with “rough and bumpy” skin.
No one likes to deal with skin problems but they happen from time to time. We just need to know how to deal with them in order to put our best skin forward.  Happy fall!

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