Are You Doing that Right?

Look of the back of your skincare products. There is one thing that every miracle cream or serum that you buy has in common. They all expect you to do one thing before you use it; wash your face. And I know we all wash our faces. Some of us in the rush of taking shower and some of us as the first step of our meticulous skin care ritual. When I was younger, I was a member of the quickie wash while I was in the shower. Warm water, whatever cleanser I was using at the time and a circular motion for a few seconds was how I used to wash my makeup covered face. And I stepped out of the shower thinking I was squeaky clean. I was wrong. A lot women combine the removal and cleansing steps of their regimen. If you do, that means like me, you are not washing your face properly. Let’s talk about how to get the most out of your face cleaning.

(1)   Wash your face 2x a day. Wash nightly to remove all the dirt and sweat that accumulated on your skin during the day. Wash every morning to remove the oils, germs and even saliva that can get on your skin from your pillowcase. CarmaBella Skincare offers a number of cleansers to suit your needs. 

(2)   Don’t overscrub. Aim for about 20-30 seconds using your fingertips and a circular motion. Make sure to wash the T-zone and the U-zone (jawline).
(3)   Watch the temperature of the water. Water that is too hot strips the skin of it soil barrier that helps to maintain skin integrity making it dry out faster and become itchy and flaky.
(4)   Use a makeup remover. Remember how you wanted that flawless face. Well you get that by buying makeup that is waterproof or smudgeproof. Because of this regular facial cleansers will nor remove your makeup thoroughly. You should instead use makeup remover or micellar water to remove your makeup before you wash. And you should definitely use a cleanser after this step, as these removers can leave residue and residual oils on your skin.
(5)   Make sure you are using the right kind of cleanser for your skin type. Is you have oily skin, you want a cleanser that will remove excess oil and dirt. Dry skin types should reach for cream cleansers to help retain moisture, and those with sensitive skin need gentle, hydrating cleansers.
(6)   Don’t dry your face with the same towel you dry your body with and don’t reuse dirty washcloths to dry your face. Even though your body is fresh out of the shower, you don’t want to spread the bacteria from your body to your face. So you a separate towel. And speaking of that separate towel. You might want to think about only using it once or twice. Remember whatever you have left on your skin after washing is being transferred to that towel, so when you reuse it that residue if going back onto your skin. I suggest buying a set of cheap washcloths just for your face.
I hope these tips help. I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin since I changed my washing habits.

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