CarmaBella Skincare | Woman in sin

So a couple of weekends ago, my husband and I ventured out of the city to watch some spring football at Auburn University. I love that place. Each and every time I take the exit that leads me there I forget my worries and get super excited. I am pretty sure everyone gets that way when visiting their old college.

Like any true southern girl, my mind was on scouting the football team, seeing which quarterback would shine, and buying some new paraphernalia to be prepared for the upcoming season this fall. The day started off overcast, so wearing sunscreen was the furthest thing from my mind. Well, the sun eventually made its appearance. And it was not just a pop in and say hi kind of appearance. It was an I might have come late to the party, but I'm going to shut this thing down kind of appearance. 

After a few hours of sitting in the scorching sun, I realized I could not party like the sun. I was not that college girl anymore who was carefree and thought nothing about the future. After a couple of hours, I gave in and left the party at halftime. But not before the sun had wreaked havoc on my skin. And I know it was my own fault because sunscreen should be part of every daily skincare regimen. I ended the day with a tan that left me 3 shades darker, a sign of the trauma to my skin cells by a few hours spent in the sun.

It was too late to worry about protecting my skin from the sun, but I could do something about treating my skin the after the sun exposure. Post-sun treatment is necessary in trying to prevent today’s exposure from turning into tomorrow’s visible skin damage. 

The first thing I did was rinse my face in cool water. This helped to soothe my skin. To soothe it even more, I sprayed some CarmaBella Skincare Rose Water Calming Toner on my face. It also helped to calm and soothe my skin with Aloe and Green Tea Extract. The botanical hyaluronic acid added much needed moisture to my skin. I then followed with an extra nourishing facial moisturizer to help keep my skin moist and supple. This will be my daily regimen for a while. 

Now all can do is wait. I have to give my skin time to recover. In order to do that, I have to avoid using harsh cleansers, peels, masks, and scrubs. This is the part I hate...doing nothing while my skin peels. But that’s the price I have to pay; from now on I am keeping sunscreen in my bag!


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